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  • Back-up parts and equipment.  During fast paced competition weekends, ‘stuff happens.’  For example, at our last event, we had 3 critical motors fail and thankfully we had backups or we would have been unable to continue.

  • Food, snacks and refreshments for the team during long build days and competition weekends.


Since membership for the students is free, we rely entirely on the generosity of grants, sponsorships, donations and fundraisers.

Your generous contributions will allow us to inspire and teach future students about the skills and values that are the foundation of the FIRST community, and fund our team operations.

Donate via our fundraising page with FIRST Washington by clicking the button below. Please feel free to forward this page to others that might be willing to support the team.

Thank you, CHILL OUT - Team 1778.

Friends and Family of CHILL OUT - Team 1778, 

Our 2022-2023 total fundraising and sponsorship goal is $20,000.  We’re already more than halfway to our goal, thanks primarily to grants and company matching funds from volunteer mentor hours.

For Giving Tuesday we’re launching The Big Chill pledge drive with our friends and family.  We hope to raise $6000 from this drive.

Why is your support important?

  • We are FREE to join, no experience required.  Participants are not asked to pay an individual registration fee.

  • The team is constantly chasing new technology and projects.  Whether a new robot drivetrain, a new optical targeting system, or in-season robot redesigns.

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